Magda von Hanau


Medium: Clay Sculpture with Glass Glaze

“This body of work refers to the memory of the flesh. While working on my Visceral series, I aim to explore the universal emotions and thoughts a human being is exposed throughout life...”
Shell Game

Medium: Soap Stone Sculpture, 2015


Reminiscence is a deep exploration and interpretation idea of fragment moments from memories. Anchore by the themes of time and space, the artist delves into more conceptual frameworks, acutely exploring and experimenting with the motifs of identity, memory, and loss through a variety of media. Subject matter incorporating children, architecture and nature are perceptively assembled and juxtaposed to capture, freeze and render visible stories that transcend time and space.

Reminiscence's palpable nostalgia for the past is paradoxically expressive of the present as well as the future. Through form and symbolism, this body of work regards unconscious repetition, imitation, and survival. Viewers are invited to reach across chronologic and physical boundaries to reflect on the universal themes and personal experiences inspired by Reminiscence.