Magda von Hanau

Deconstructed Beauty

Deconstructed Beauty is a photography series that explores the themes of time, memories, form and the concept of redesigning reality. The photographer achieves this by breaking down architectural and nature spaces creating a sense of fragmentation and disarray. However, within this chaos, a new vision emerges, giving birth to an imaginative landscape. The series captures fleeting moments and freezes them in time, allowing the viewer to reflect on the transience of life. The photographs evoke a sense of nostalgia and invite contemplation on the passage of time and memories.

By manipulating space and form, the photographer challenges the viewer's perception and encourages them to question the boundaries of reality and representation. The images invite us to explore the power of imagination and our ability to reshape the world around us. Breaking down traditional boundaries and remerging them, it encourages us to question our preconceived notions of space and explore the limitless possibilities. Deconstructed Beauty challenges us to find beauty in the unexpected and appreciate the transformative power of imagination in reshaping our surroundings.